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Angela Buswell seeks re-election
September 5, 2019
Kāpiti Vote 19 - Angela Buswell is standing as a District-wide candidate for Kāpiti.

Angela Buswell is a candidate for a District-wide seat for Kāpiti Council.

"It's been a privilege to serve Kāpiti since 2016 as a Districtwide councillor. If re-elected, I will focus on delivering better infrastructure for our families and older people; helping town centres thrive and looking after our beautiful, unique natural environment.
From helping bring Air Chathams to Kāpiti, progressing Otaraua Park and making the important decision to declare a local 'Climate Emergency', I have been working hard to front-foot the important issues at the heart of Kāpiti.
I believe Kāpiti needs to reduce its environmental footprint and plan for the future. We need to reduce waste, look after our waterways and protect our marine reserve. From our solid waste, only 12% gets recycled, while the national average is 40%. I believe Kāpiti needs to 'Divert rather than Dump'. The Solid Waste contract is up for renewal in 2023; I want to see a commitment from Council to educate our community and support innovative methods to deal with solid waste.
Ensuring we have enough quality housing is a key concern for me. The foundation to a strong community is good housing; leading to better job, family prospect and overall wellness.
There is demand for smaller homes, I want to work to make it easier for developers to create them. As well as minimising waste, they reduce energy consumption and have a better environmental footprint.
I will also work to ensure our Council has a consistent, friendly and open for business approach to interacting with businesses, the community and stakeholders. The Independent Review currently underway will highlight areas of concern I will work to address between 2019 2022."

Angela Buswell
District-wide candiate
Kāpiti Council

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