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Kapiti Art Therapy tool for Anxiety
April 22, 2019

Hear are some tips for dealing with Anxiety from Kapiti Art Therapy's Corinne Allan.

If you could draw your Anxiety how would it look?

- What color would I choose, black, blue, grey etc
- How big is my Anxiety compare to me
- Does my Anxiety have a body and how does the body look
- What is around me, a lake, tunnel, noise
- Where do I feel my Anxiety, above me, behind me
- Does my Anxiety have Eyes, what colours are the Eyes
- If my Anxiety would be a animal, what animal would it be,
describe the animal, strong, fast, smart
- Draw your animal

Try to really feel how your Anxiety feels, stay with the feeling, and write down everything you can, draw the Fear as a Person or a animal. Do not spend more then 15 minutes on this art piece, just write down what comes to you and make a draft drawing.

Once you have done this, turn the paper around and start to focus on what is your safe space.
Describe your safe space - is it the Beach, your Bedroom, Flowers, a Waterfall, Flying like a bird.
Is it warm around you, do you feel the sun? Choose colours you Love and start to draw your safe place. Spend as much time on it as you like, you can well work on it for days.

Hang your safe space picture on a place where you can see it every day as much as possible. Like your office space or your Kitchen.
Each time your fear is coming up, look at your safe space picture and breath deep in and out 10 x and say in your mind "I like to let go."

Please let me know if this Art Therapy exercise is helping you, I can't wait to see your beautiful pictures.

Take Care
Corinne Allan

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