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Mahara Place Rooted
February 21. 2019
Mahara Place rooted from end to end with the remnants of the phoenix palms.

Although they were removed from Mahara Place in Waikanae weeks ago, it seems the two iconic phoenix palms are still putting up quite a fight.
As part of a major upgrade of Mahara Place the phoenix palms were removed and temporary stages set up. Now those are being removed and the area excavated. And this is where the phoenix palms are rising from the ashes.
It appears the roots of the trees cover most of Mahara Place, presenting significant problems to the contractors. The photo shows how deep they are at the southern end while it appears the root structure of the larger of the two palms at the northern end may present even more of a challenge.
Updates will be provided.

Jennie Imber (added 25 weeks ago)
Lucky they were moved then. These types of Palms should not be planted near water or gas pipes or probably in your little front yard. kglbz3
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