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Kapiti Island whanau featured
February, 2019
Boysie Barrett is a favourite of the kākā. “I know the names of every one of them,” he says. “They all have different characteristics. This kākā is called Charlie Bird.”

A superb article about an iconic Kapiti family is featured in an article by Lee-Anne Duncan and photos by Tessa Chrisp of This New Zealand Life.

The vast majority of Kāpiti Island is a nature reserve. But 20 hectares of the iconic island is privately owned by a whānau dedicated to preserving their whakapapa — including the land and everything upon it — and sharing it with the world.

On Kāpiti Island the birds most definitely call the tune. Along with their never-ending song, they're a constant physical, feathery presence. Loud rustling in the bush beside walking tracks could be concerning had not all mammals — bar humans — been eradicated since 1996. Despite that, Manaaki Barrett has a few warnings as he welcomes visitors to his family's Kāpiti Island Nature Tours lodge.

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