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Refuse Collection - Low Woes

I only this year instructed Low Cost Bins to collect my waste and as a low user I put out approximately fortnightly. The recycling I put out monthly or less. I am on a corner between two roads but only on the second occasion I put out my bins they were left uncollected even though everyone else's had been collected (I put them out the night before). I phoned them the same day and they assured me they would collect later in the day. Nothing happened. And now they tell me they won't and that I can leave extra bags outside to compensate. I can imagine what might happen if I do so (they get left). So first impressions less than good - and my experience at another location with this company was also less than perfect too. Am I just unlucky or are things common in Waikanae Beach? Or is it just LCB? Is it Monday morning collections? Or are all the refuse collection companies the same.

Waikanae Beach

Jessica (added 72 weeks ago)
It's not just you. LCB doesn't pick up waste or telephone calls. They also don't answer answerphone messages asking why they haven't picked up the waste and when will it be collected. Yet, they think it's okey-dokey to increase their prices twice in one year.
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