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Kapiti Island doco in the making
February 1, 2019
Motungarara (Fishermans island) at the south end of Kapiti Island.

Kapiti audiovisual producer and director Dick van den Oever is in the process of making a documentary on Motungarara (Fishermans island) at the south end of Kapiti Island.

Mr van den Oever is founder and managing director of Captured Essence, having already made several videos with Kapiti themes.

To see a taster of the latest documentary see the video below.

Dick van den Oever (added 69 weeks ago)
Motungarara is one of the 3 islets at the Southeast end of Kāpiti Island (not at the north end). Reece Baker is involved as well as camera man and idea bouncer. We still have a long way to go gathering stories and history of Motungarara. The best thing of it all is that it feels like paradise when we're filming at Motungarara.
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