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Heatwave Hits Kapiti - Tips for Keeping Cool
January 29, 2019
Heating (and Cooling) and ventilation expert Paul Spittal

The predicted heatwave has arrived - thanks Australia - and Kapiti is expected to have very hot conditions in this late summer rush. Keeping cool is a priority. KCNews asked heating and ventilation expert Paul Spittal for some handy hints for taking the heat off.

1. Regularly clean your heat pump filter every two - three months. And book in for an annual maintenance once a year this insures that the heat pump is running at its peak performance. A good time to do with is on the shoulder of winter or summer.
2. Heat pumps heat as well as cool the air temperature, if you don't have a heat pump and need a system or think you will need a system book in a consultation now.
3. Won't a fan do the same job for cooling? No it won't, it just moves the air in the room around. Air conditioning/heat pump is the only way you can cool the room temperature.
4. When choosing to install a heat pump, make sure you are selecting a model fit for purpose and that you have a well established specialist who can install and service your heat pump.
5. When is the best time to install a heat pump? Now is the time, as we saw with last summer fans had run out of stock at the retail shops and air con manufacturers had reduced stock due to the demand from the unseasonably hot summer.

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