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Otaki MP Launches Kapiti Flights Petition
March 12, 2018
The good old days passed quickly - Noel Robinson celebrating the initial Kapiti-Auckland flights.

Otaki MP Nathan Guy launched a petition over the weekend to fight Air New Zealand's decision to withdraw its Kapiti Coast to Auckland service.
"We have got less than three weeks to show Air New Zealand how much we want this service retained and prove that it has widespread regional support," Mr Guy says.
"Air New Zealand has made a short-sighted decision to end its Kapiti Coast to Auckland service on April 3. It's profitable, well supported and it's a shocking decision that gives the community little time to find an alternative."
Mr Guy says the petition is one way the community can show their support to fight Air New Zealand's decision.
"The online petition has been running red hot over the weekend. People are reacting to the decision with bitter disappointment and they're shocked because they know the service is well supported by a growing population."
This week Mr Guy is organising to meet key stakeholders, including Todd Property, Kapiti Coast District Council, Air Chathams, Kapiti Chamber of Commerce and Sounds Air, to work on solutions going forward.

The petition can be signed online at: or locally in most service stations in Kapiti.

Stephen (added 115 weeks ago)
Air New Zealand has failed to give a compelling reason for discontinuing the Kapiti Coast to Auckland service. The service is profitable and the Kapiti region is growing with many multi-national businesses having invested in it. Air New Zealand's decision is a backwards step for the airline and the region. Air New Zealand needs to reconsider!
Lindsay Thorpe (added 115 weeks ago)
I use this service frequently for business and pleasure the cost to our company is going to be huge, nor only in money but time. I think AirNZ are showing their true colours when it comes to the region's. Zero consultation with us even with an 80% seat rate.
ChrissieG (added 115 weeks ago)
My husband has been commuting from Kapiti to Auckland each week for the last 6 years (excluding public holidays). Betrayed is the word that comes to mind. Airport was a major factor in decision to move to Kapiti. Gutted!
David (added 115 weeks ago)
Good publicity stunt
blanchec (added 115 weeks ago)
A petition? Yeah - that'll help! But what's He actually DOING in the meantime! Front up, Nathan. Don't think that an impersonal petition is going to cut the mustard- get your Jonkey chum to come and face our community!
Yvonne (added 115 weeks ago)
We need this back we should lobby government valuable service I use it for work only been disappointed once since it started we are an area that is growing not depleting
Viv Hudson (added 115 weeks ago)
People will be very disappointed if flights cut. Many business folk use these flights which are always full up
Murray (added 115 weeks ago)
Reliability rather than price is the key issue. The petrol money, parking costs and a minimum of two hours travelling time saved makes the premium price acceptable. Having said that, lower prices are always acceptable.
Viv Hudson (added 115 weeks ago)
People will be very disappointed if flights cut. Many business folk use these flights which are always full up
fred (added 115 weeks ago)
Flights are never reliable enough to risk booking a flight from 'Param. Better to have it all covered in houses to give the council some more money to spend
Kylie (added 115 weeks ago)
I always try to use this service if flying up to all, however it does get frustrating knowing that there only ever seems to be better deals into wlg maybe if they looked at prices and put deals to Kapiti then more people would use it
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