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Kapiti Rubbish Bags Trashed
March 2, 2018

Kapiti's representative on the Regional Waste Forum, Cr Jackie Elliott, says she is deeply disappointed by this week's decision by private contracted waste collectors to discontinue the weekly kerbside collection of 60litre plastic rubbish bags across Kapiti.
She says those households who only fill a yellow plastic bag each fortnight or once a month are doing everything right in home waste reduction by composting, recycling and utilizing other waste minimisation activities to repurpose their waste, and everyone can achieve this reduction.
Cr Elliott says KCDC are bound for the next six years to the existing contracting of waste collection services. Council ceased in-house waste collection under previous Mayor Jenny Rowan, as a cost saving exercise. Our district's only landfill at Otaihanga is now closed.
Cr Elliott says results from the recent household waste survey show that food products accounts for one third of all our waste.
Council strongly recommends the use of personal or neighbourhood compost bins for food waste.
Cr Elliott says "We have made a commitment to reducing this district's waste by 30% in the next ten years. This is an ambitious plan, however we have made a running start to meet our objectives in already completing our household waste survey.
"Ceasing the bag collection is a huge disappointment, however it is also an opportunity to launch waste minimisation and clever collaborative thinking on how you can reduce your waste to landfill by 30%."

Fred (added 102 weeks ago)
EnviroWaste STUFF Something smells V bad here. EnviroWaste is offering householders an alternative to Auckland Council's controversial plans to ditch bags. Claims of "dirty tactics" are being made as a private rubbish company offers householders an alternative to controversial council plans to ditch bags and force the use of bins. A North Shore councillor says private contractors are trying to undermine Auckland Council's efforts to look after the environment. But EnviroWaste says it is just offering choice. The new rubbish tags are bought on a pay-as-you-go basis. SIMON SMITH/STUFF The new rubbish tags are bought on a pay-as-you-go basis. The firm is circulating a newsletter offering the free removal of Auckland Council recycling bins, replacing them with five, free prepaid rubbish bags and the continuation of its own yellow rubbish bag collection service.
Liz (added 103 weeks ago)
First I've heard of this decision - after buying a roll of five yellow bags last weekend! I only need to put out a bag about once every three or four weeks, because everything else is either recycled or composted. Guess this move is what happens when profit is put ahead of all other concerns. Very sad. Head in the sand stuff. I thought the Kapiti community was better than that.
Freddy (added 103 weeks ago)
Nice one Bernie and Gimme. The operators should accept the status quo of ride off into the sunset. As far as picking up bags, If the council is not able to provide the service I'm sure there are any number of smaller contractors very happy to work a day or two picking up bags into their schedule If we are going to have to drop off bags at the tip (sorry transfer station) the cost should at leased be dropped to that of a small green wheelie - about $2.00 to $2.50 seems right as $4.40 presumes there is a pick up cost.
Cr Jackie Elliott (added 103 weeks ago)
In answer to Please tell me - I believe the contractors will continue to pickup yellow bags for a number of months, this is one of the details yet to be finalised to cause as little disruption to regular service as possible. Note - at one transfer station, staff refused to sell me a yellow bag as long as a month ago, citing a looming stopping of pickup at gate and suggesting I buy a roll of black bags at the supermarket to dispose at transfer station at $4.40each when full.
Anonymous (added 103 weeks ago)
Hi Please tell me - We have a wood burner so we compost, recycle, burn and the little bit of solid stuff goes n the bag. Fortunately we have no nappies!
Bernie Randall (added 103 weeks ago)
I support Councillor Elliot. The pressures of Mayoral duties may have caused Mayor Guru to forget an email sent to all elected representatives from a very senior staff member earlyr last year which said, “Rubbish Collectors must be licenced by the Council to operate in the District.” I take this to mean if there was a will Council could impose condition on the operators through contractual and licence means. Look what other local authorities allow especially Napier City.
Gimmeabreak (added 104 weeks ago)
OK Mayor, so the council issues a license to operate in Kapiti to companies.....gee why not make the bags a caveat of getting a license? Honestly, I thought you'd be the mayor who did something. In my opinion you seem to be standing by and nodding while more companies get their way and more money gets wasted putting in stupid lights at empty intersections giving Kapiti Lights a whole new meaning. Shame on you for not pushing for more sustainability. Even my kids daycare is becoming more sustainable.
quityabellyaching (added 104 weeks ago)
Really....... what a pack of whingers, It's less plastic going into our landfills and waterways, are you all whinging at supermarkets for getting rid of their bags. NO YOUR NOT.....seems to be a good thing they're doing for the enviroment but when rubbish collectors do it. it's a big deal
Please tell me (added 104 weeks ago)
Hi anonymous, could you please tell me how you have so little rubbish? What do you do with such things as chicken bones, tinfoil, meat trays, nappies, tissues and all those other things that can't be recycled/composted. I would love to have that tiny amount of rubbish to dispose of.
Paul (added 104 weeks ago)
But what are the contractors end goals? My guess is that if people don't have a wheelie bin contract the recycling will be withdrawn. Not really what we want from our council.
Freddy (added 104 weeks ago)
Thank you Jackie. Cost of new tip, taking rubbish collection back in house,stopping wastefull wheelie bins, Storm-water bill, replace old water meters = the mother of all rates increases. Best the council is screwed down to a cost of living rates increase now to force savings. Oh and lets not forget the all important new town centers!
When Please? (added 104 weeks ago)
I just bought 10 rubbish bags last week - to last me for the next 6 months (holiday home owner)... when is this likely to happen? Can we return unused bags somewhere?
Isobelle (added 104 weeks ago)
News to me poor decision only use 6 to 8 weeks. Kapiti is expensive for bins etc. Rubbish bins need go have optional pick up rates as I believe Christchurch
Dennis (added 104 weeks ago)
Why dont you dump it outside the council buildings I mean who is running Kapiti not the council i guess. Why is a contractor telling the council what to do?
Arnold (added 104 weeks ago)
Mayor...We will look forward to that and if doesn't happen, expect a few calls..
Anonymous (added 104 weeks ago)
Thank you Jackie for keeping us informed, which is more than others drawing from the ratepayers purse have done. We fill a bag about every couple of months or more and I really want the service to stay to stay as it is (even though the cost of the bags have doubled since their start) Perhaps a new council is the answer?
Ron (added 104 weeks ago)
If they dont take bag i will leave it on the street its the councils responsibility .
Kim (added 104 weeks ago)
We agree with Loretta. We compost, recycle and have a yellow bag every 6-8 weeks. We don't want/need yet another a wheelie bin. There are models all over the world where the city is responsible for compost, rubbish and recycling. Let's be a model community!
Mayor K. Gurunathan (added 104 weeks ago)
I would like to publically clarify a few things in response to this information released by Councillor Jackie Elliott about changes to rubbish services in Kapiti. Councillor Elliot has shared information and views in her release that do not reflect the views of the wider Council or staff, some of which is also incorrect. There are some upcoming changes to the service offerings provided on the Coast, which includes the removal of plastic rubbish bag collections. Staff are working with the provider to find the best way to keep our community informed about what’s happening and alternative options available for people. The provider will be sending information out to their customers next week. The Kapiti Coast’s rubbish and recycling services are provided solely by external providers and the Council has no control over their offerings. The service is not included in rates and this is different to the way a lot of other Councils across the country operate. Council licenses providers to deliver these services, but each provider decides what and how they deliver these services.
Smarty pants (added 104 weeks ago)
Completely agree with "Common Sense". Bins are a lot cheaper than bags if you are putting out one or more a week. Another smart idea is going halves/thirds/quarters with your direct neighbours - those big bins can fit a lot of rubbish in!
James (added 104 weeks ago)
It seems there are two stories here. One is the privatisation of Kapiti's rubbish collection which should be a core business of council. The other story is about plastic rubbish bags which should be done away with as soon as possible.
Common Sense (added 104 weeks ago)
This is great for the environment - For the people who only use these bags fortnightly or less they can reduce their own costs by using alternatives, such as the black bags or containers, and then disposing of this at the tip when required. For anyone using these bags weekly they can obtain a fortnightly wheelie bin for less than the cost of the bags, which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
seriously? (added 104 weeks ago)
Watch for the security cameras Fred
Marg (added 104 weeks ago)
Any idea when this will take place?
Loretta Pomare (added 104 weeks ago)
OMG I am furious! I compost, recycle etc and only use a rubbish bag about once every 6 weeks...I WILL NOT be getting a wheelie bin! So now I have to take my own rubbish to the tip, I bet more people just dump it on the side of the road!
Fred (added 104 weeks ago)
I think I'll dump mine outside these waste collectors' premises.
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