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Cats shot in Waikanae - Public assistance please
February 11, 2018

From Hannah Candy

"I am not usually one to share this type of thing... But our poor little Birman was shot in the neck a few weeks ago and we just had the slug removed which confirmed our suspicions.

Luckily she is OK! After talking to our neighbour (who also had his 2 cats shot - one died consequently) and the SPCA, we have learned this has happened a few times in our area (we think it happened around the top end of Weggery Drive near Sunset Terrace area). PLEASE if you have any information or have had the same thing happen to your pet, send me a message or contact the SPCA. The police have also been notified as it is a firearms offence. We are absolutely horrified that someone could do this to innocent animals and we hope we can get some kind of lead so this person can be found out. Please share and thanks so much for reading.

Gman (added 119 weeks ago)
I know the best way to stop your cats getting shot - keep them on your OWN property. By law, if your cat is on another property, you are legally allowed to kill/trap such cat. Firing a slug gun in a particlar area is another matter. There is no legal protection on cats & that is why the SPCA only mention about creulty, not that you are allowed to trap/kill cats. I shoot wild cats for pest control but some new Jaffas let their cats roam & then wonder why I have shot them not knowing they are pets. Even then, it is the owners responsibility to keep their cats under control, not for others to look out for them. Once a cat leaves a property it is classed 'wild' as it is doing what nature decrees -to go hunt, fight & procreate. What about the owner who had 2 cats killed? Did he just leave them with some food & think it's ok? Well, he won't be doing that again! Please cat owners, take responsibilty for your cat & don't blame others because you do not want to take responsibility for your cats actions.
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