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Thinking Smart in Waikanae
February 8, 2018
Thinking Smart in Waikanae - a great way to bring the community to Mahara Place. Photo courtesy of Destination Waikanae.

Norma McCallum of Destination Waikanae says in these days of Grand Designs, Thinking Big and our growing immunity to costs ending in several noughts (e.g. $5,000,000.) might we have a cup of tea and think small and beautiful for our unique town square
She says Waikanae, long destined for an upgrade of Mahara Place, with redesign concepts stretching back 30 years, is starting to focus on smaller events.
Ms McCallum says with Destination Waikanae working with KCDC, things can be done quickly and colourfully to make the town centre an attraction.
The latest event was last Saturday, organised by KCDC on their new green space and including a dunk tank, facepainting and games, and, Bullseye, a talented group of young musicians.
The town centre transformed all by itself, just with something to draw people in.
Ms McCallum's message to KCDC is to draw people into the square without huge infrastructure costs - simple soft landscaping, comfortable seating, shelter for resting shoppers and perhaps a wind baffle or two at the entrances could be all we need to make Waikanae Town Centre hum.

Duane Moul (added 120 weeks ago)
Some covered seating would make it a much more enjoyable space in both hot and wet weather. The Council should also be putting pressure on the owners of vacant shops who clearly are keeping rents too high as a tax dodge.
Anonymous (added 120 weeks ago)
More young people needed to add vibrancy. What about a market that actually sells things people want rather than the crappy existing one.
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