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Drone crash lands in Waikanae
December 27, 2017
A large white drone landed in the flax near Waikanae Beach - photo is not the actual drone.

Maybe it was one of Santa's drones or maybe it was one of the many delivered by Santa for Christmas in Kapiti this year.

Margaret from Waikanae says a large white drone has crash landed into a flax bush in her back yard at Waikanae Beach.

"I've had two people look at it so far and it is not a kid's drone but it's not a high end drone either. It is about 24 inches square so its quite large," says Margaret.

If you have lost a drone that may have parked itself in a flax bush in the Weggery Drive area please ring Margaret on 027 2584670 as she would like to get it back to its owner.

Martin (added 73 weeks ago)
If you can'tsafely fly one, don't fly it, especially if you are likely to crash one into other people's property. Once your drone is in the air you become a pilot and have same responsibilities as an aircraft pilot.
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