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Kapiti Mayor being a non-Profit Prophet
December 9, 2017
Kapiti Mayor represented as being a non-Profit Prophet - Photoshop photo provided.

A week is a long time in politics. Last week Kapiti Mayor K Gurunathan was sounding like some Old Testament prophet of doom and a week later the message seems to have softened considerably.
The issue came into sharp focus when Kapiti Mayor Gurunathan announced on Thursday that Council had voted to allow Easter Sunday trading.
The decision follows the Strategy and Policy Committee's recommendation at its 23 November meeting that the Council should allow Easter Sunday trading.
Mayor Gurunathan says the decision to adopt a policy that will allow businesses on the Kapiti Coast to trade on Easter Sunday comes after much thoughtful deliberation.
Last week the mayor said the must-have mania called shopping is an addictive ritual and the shopping malls are the new temples erected to the God of mammon a religion based not on need but desire. On that basis he said it can be argued that those who support Easter Sunday trading are foisting their religious beliefs on others.
He now says some very strong views for and against opening businesses on Easter Sunday were heard, and not all businesses will want to open on Easter Sunday and not everyone will want to shop, but for those that do they now have the choice.

All councillors voted in favour except Cr Jackie Elliott and Cr James Cootes who voted against. The mayor abstained.

Geoffrey Churchman (added 92 weeks ago)
Likes Mayors Rowan and Church before him, Guru will conduct the council in an open, transparent and democratically accountable manner when it suits him -- not otherwise.
Bernie (added 92 weeks ago)
My respect for James Cootes has gone up a notch. He certainly possesses Mayoral material.The key message from Mayor Guru during his election campaign of democracy, openness and transparency is clearly faltering. At a Councillors briefing last Thursday on the LTP just prior to the public session, the Mayor interrupted proceedings and decreed that the briefing was only for Councillors. Community Board members had to go he commanded. The two Chairs of the Community Board who were seated with Councillors protested and said they had been invited. The Mayor then amended his earlier edict and ruled Community Board members who were not Chairs must leave the briefing. I along with another Community board member were ejected. What is it that the Mayor does not want all elected representatives to know? What is behind this veil of secrecy that is slowly creeping over Council briefings?
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