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Kapiti Council says no water restrictions here
December 7, 2017
Kapiti Council says no water restrictions here.

While the rest of New Zealand imposes water restrictions or prepares to, the Kapiti Council is adamant no such restrictions will be required locally.

The Council says Kapiti is doing a great job of weathering the current dry spell. While other parts of the Wellington region are having to impose significant water restrictions there is no looming water shortage in Kapiti.
Water and Wastewater Asset Manager Martyn Cole says water consumption has reduced more than 26 percent since water meters were introduced in July 2014, which means our supply is in good health.
He says we are also lucky that Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Raumati have an alternative water source to fall back on if river levels get too low.
Mr Cole says if this happens, the River Recharge Scheme will top up the river below where we take our water at the Waikanae Water Treatment Plant with groundwater from bores, so it doesn't enter our water supply.

Penelope (added 83 weeks ago)
I agree Steve. He taonga te wa. Please conserve our water people.
Steve (added 84 weeks ago)
8000 people signed for a referendum but the council ignored it. People always expected some sort of water restriction in summer and watering the garden on odd or even days is hardly a restriction. Now, water that the council cant sell is wasted and continues to flow out to sea. If there are insufficient sales the council just increases the cost, making allowance those who are subsidized. Not what the mayor wanted before be became a mayor!
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