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Looking for Rock from Paraparaumu
Novemeber 13, 2017

LOOKING FOR ROCK - Border Collie

Family Pet, Rock, a Border Collie, has gone missing from Paraparaumu and any help you can give in finding him would be very much appreciated.

He's friendly and if someone spot him they can grab the collar!

We'll find you Rock N Roll and you're coming home soon!

Flavia Wolf (added 139 weeks ago)
Hi all, I have created a FB page to him as I have been trying to keep updated around 15 pages and I am not keeping up. Please like it to follow up where he has been, where the fliers where dropped, where we are meeting next to search for him and finally, the time when we actually find him, the first photo together!!!! Please use the page for anything, the same we have been doing here.... It is just to make us stronger, together we will win!!!! Also share with you Kapiti Coats friends as we need to spread the word and bring Rock home soon!!! Thank you for all the help, you are just amazing! Soon we will have lots of photos from him, happy at home with his family! We miss you so much Rock N Roll!!!!
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