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Kapiti Markets under Threat
November 12, 2017

Stallholders at local markets say it is likely many will be driven away by exorbitant council charges stemming from central government legislation changes.
Changes to the 2014 Food Act for food stall operators begin in March and recent visits to markets by Kapiti Council staff have left many stallholders wondering if their stalls will still be viable.
Barbara Chatters who organises the Te Horo Country Market she the new costs could see half the staffs gone which would effectively kill the market. She says they hold 10 markets a year in a small community and the fees just wouldn't make it viable for many markets to continue.
Ms Chatters says an urgent meeting is being held at council to see if something can be sorted out.
Stallholders could be facing a bill of $900 in the first year to Kapiti Council for licensing and food safety verification.
There will be some stallholders exempt but there is significant disquiet over the fees from the public as well as the marketers.

Martin Halliday (added 79 weeks ago)
Interesting isn't it . When these new laws were first touted there was concerned voiced that this would impact on small stall holders at markets and schools fairs. Council said then that this impact wouldn't occur , that the Kiwi tradition of these types of stalls would be protected...... Yeh Right !
Shar (added 79 weeks ago)
Kapiti Council you guys nd to get off ur arses and help those who are trying to make a honest living, they selling veges , odds n ebd Barbie Coffee solvethe problem. Kapiti Council run Strawberry Fair for Hospice has everybody their got a food safety Cert? Look in ur bk dr first
Editor (added 79 weeks ago)
Earlier story about law change. in the Lifestyle section: New Regulations for Markets
Jan (added 79 weeks ago)
Could you please provide more information about the law changes and the role of KCDC as this article doesn’t make it clear.
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