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Fresh Spring Abstracts at Raumati Waterfront
October 13, 2017

Fresh from the spring exhibition at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts on Wellington's waterfront, local abstract artist Tania Dally now has her latest work on display at her studio gallery on the waterfront at Raumati Beach.
Tania's work has featured at the Academy on a regular basis in recent years, including two solo exhibitions. However, locals can view Tania's work Wednesday to Saturday afternoons at the Boatshed Studio, across the footbridge from the carpark at Marine Garden adjacent to the Waterfront Bar at Raumati Beach.
"It's a beautiful, inspiring spot to create and display my art," says Tania. "I can throw open the big double wooden doors and right on my doorstep is the Pacific Ocean. The view is constantly changing and is a never-ending source of inspiration and content."
While she describes most of her paintings as landscapes, Tania says they are represented in a conceptual rather than a literal manner. "I see my work more in terms of pure colour and texture rather than as conventional pictures," says Tania.
"In other words, I'm not trying to reproduce the scene as it is, but create an interpretation that connects on an emotional level. Rather than what it looks like, it's more about what it feels like."
Tania has recently experimented with paintings on classic car bonnets as well as canvas pieces which are lit from behind. "I am continually evolving my process and I enjoy finding new and inspiring ways to interpret my environment," she says.
Tania will be at the Boatshed Studio as part of the Kapiti Arts Trail which runs on consecutive weekends 28, 29 October and 4, 5 November.
Meanwhile her normal hours at the Boatshed Studio are Wednesday to Saturday 12 noon to 4pm.

Jeanie Morrison- Low (added 137 weeks ago)
I have several of your beautiful paintings in both of my clinics. They look great against the white walls! I would encourage people to go to Tania's studio and see her extraordinary work for themselves.
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