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Kapiti Hospital - where is the money coming from


Can we really afford a Hospital in Kapiti when the Government Health system is in debt to the tune of $2.1 Billion dollars.

Our Kapiti Mayor – all credit to him for highlighting this issue, but in reality where is the funding coming from?

Considering that Kapiti is an aging population with many over 65yrs old or is the message deflecting from other issues that are more important.

What about all the promises that our Mayor promised before the election?

He said he would do something about Legal Highs voted on by Council to be sold on Kapiti Road - that he would revoke the issue.

Get a life – Look for positive – We need to fix the infrastructure eg Stormwater etc– not spend Rate Payers money willy nilly on projects that have NO benefit to the Community.

Dale Evans
Concerned Rate Payer
Paraparaumu Beach

Peter Moore (added 136 weeks ago)
Funding for a new Kapiti Hospital needs to be taken from Capital Coast Health's allocation.If we have a new hospital then most of us won't need to travel to Newtown. That in itself would be a massive savings
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