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Kapiti Petanque Club enjoys Bastille Day
14 July, 2017
By Marlene Barker
Bastille Day was a great day of celebration at the Kapiti Petanque Club. See Photo Gallery below.

Given the dire weather predictions, the decision to hold the melee on Tuesday 11th July was fortuitous. The sun was shining most of the time and the colourful, French inspired clothing, added to the scene at the Kapiti Petanque Club.
The imagination some members showed was original to say the least. Special mention goes to Roy Buchan who "made the most of what I had," turning up in red rugby jersey, royal blue beanie with the most curious bit of material dangling from one ear. When asked, he explained that it was a red sock and as he could not find the other, decided to be creative and keep one ear warm.
As usual, Tony Gatford did a splendid job of organizing the day, ably assisted by Graham Hooper, President of the club. Tony, having explained the rules of the melee, (in French, then English) played a rousing version of La Marseillaise for players to sing along to. I think Tony may have missed his calling, putting on a superb show as a conductor.

Three games were played, after which drinks and nibbles were in order. The usual diversity of food was appreciated by all. The top ten places were announced, with the following results.
1st = Ian Calder
2nd equal = Beth Lind and Colleen Hooper
4th = Paul Wedge and Jan McCarthy

The other winners in order of placings were:
Carol Knapp
Eddie Campbell and Denys Peck
Lindsay McCallum and Michelle Maxwell

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