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Housing Crisis Happening right here in Kapiti
12 June, 2017
Otaki electorate candidate Rob McCann is hosting a Housing Crisis meeting in Waikanae.

New Zealand is locked into a housing crisis and the current government has no plan to end it, says the Labour Candidate for Otaki, Rob McCann.

"This is no longer something that is happening to other people, in other parts of the country. The housing crisis is very real and it is occurring right here in Kapiti and Horowhenua.
"I've met local people who don't have a home anymore. They are trying to find rentals, but because demand is outstripping supply, they're swimming against a very strong current," said Mr McCann.
"That means the government is having to put families up in motels, or people are sleeping on couches and in some cases, cars. That is not a housing plan, that is an admission of absolute failure.
"I've met families who have been forced to split the family up so they could sleep on friends' couches. And while you might think that's ok because you have guests at Christmas, think about having to go to school, get your homework done and try and have a hot shower when a home is overloaded with visitors and there aren't enough rooms - let alone beds."
Mr McCann says this is a simple case of demand outstripping supply which has been caused by a National government relying on immigration to keep the economy growing, allowing overseas investors to purchase Kiwi homes and a tax system that encourages investors. It's also clear that too few homes are being built and that the Government has failed to provide enough new state houses and has irresponsibly reduced the existing stock.
"I'm not willing to stand idly by and do nothing," said Mr McCann. "It should not be in our DNA that we turn a blind eye to this national disgrace. National have had nine years to fix the problem and they've failed, it's time for a fresh approach."
"Fortunately Labour has a plan to solve the housing crisis and it starts as soon as we oust the current regime. We will crack down on speculators and ban foreign speculators from buying existing homes. We will tax property speculators who flick houses within five years and we will create a level playing field for first home buyers."
Mr McCann says Labour will build 100,000 affordable homes across the country and create an Affordable Housing Authority to fast-track development in our cities. "And we will vastly increase the number of apprenticeships and focus Housing New Zealand on helping people, not making a profit, and we will require all rental homes to be warm, dry, and healthy."

The Housing Crisis in Kapiti and Horowhenua – Public Meeting with Labour's Housing Spokesperson Phil Twyford
Thursday 15th June 7pm, Waikanae Baptist Church, 286 Te Moana Road

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