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Diva Darlings at Coasters
March 2017
Coasters Musical Theatre presents Diva Darlings

Our first offering in the new year is a new show written especially for Coasters by long-time member Tracy Wills-Wright called Diva Darlings. A group of friends meet at their local theatre for a bit of a clean up.

They lament about the difficulties of being women in theatre, the lack of lead roles and songs to really sink your teeth into. Can you guess what happens next?

How better to celebrate being women than to sing and dance their way through their dreams and ambitions! These Diva Darlings decide they don't need a Hero to come save them ...They have plans of their own!!!!
With songs like....
Pour some sugar on me
Holding out for a hero
Come what may
All the single ladies and more ........ It's bound to be Divalicious FUN!!!!!

Show dates 30 March to 8th April 2017
Tickets available from Coastlands Infomation Desk or Graham ph: 04 905 6704

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