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Hedge Hazard Headline Horrifies

Dear Editor

I am appalled to read the Headlines in today's Dominion Post that the Osborne Hedge has become a serious hazard, this hedge is an icon of the Wonderful Waikanae Area, and under no circumstances do we require that it be decimated due to the whims of some neighbours who seem to be talking, incorrectly, that it was a hazard to "pedestrians" cyclists and motorists, this is a complete fabrication of the truth which appears to have taken traction by a so called previous minister, who now lives locally. I'm not an old minister, but I am an old previous KCDC Councillor and do not require anything to happen to that well maintained and manicured hedge, due to the idiotic claims of a few locals.

Roy Bradbury
Waikanae Beach

Lisa Innovo (added 138 weeks ago)
Heart in the gutter.... there is always some egg that brings the law down onto his neighbor just because he can. The righteous are not moved by emotion like humble hedgehogs are.
Les Hewson (added 147 weeks ago)
How much further does it need to encroach on the road, it is over the kerb and as far as I am concerned that is the road not the white line pained one meter into the road. If the road starts at the kerb then that is land owned by all residents and no one has the right to claim if for their own
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