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Kapiti Rubbish Bags - what next
July 2016


Is it possible to have clarification as to the situation regarding the current use (by many Kapiti Coast residents) of the yellow/orange rubbish bags?
Having read the advertisements setting out regulations for the collection of Low Cost and Envirowaste bins, we are informed NO bags of rubbish will be collected after the 31st July. The bags currently in use carry no specific name (other than"Budget"), but from two quite reliable sources I have been told
a) You can still use these "official" bags--- they have not been discontinued (business as usual) and b) You have to join up with either of the two rubbish collectors on offer or your rubbish will NOT be collected.
WHO will collect the yellow bags after the 31st July, if neither of the advertised businesses will do so?
There has been no information from an official source (Council?) as may be expected, as they reportedly have said the collection is contracted out so is not their "pigeon"!
I imagine others like myself are anxious to ensure we are doing the right thing, and from the beginning of August our rubbish will disappear with the lovely elves, as happens for us each Thursday.

Lois Brinck
Paraparaumu Beach

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