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Businesses to spark political change in Kapiti
July 2016
Nick Leggett, current mayor of Porirua and candidate for the Wellington mayoralty, is a guest speaker at the Kapiti 'Bring about Change' event.

The Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce is seeking increased business representation in local council, by encouraging local entrepreneurs, business managers, and proven business owners to stand in this year's election with a free 'bring about change' event.

The event will cover off the need for increased business representation in local council as well as practical 'how to's' for those who may wish to stand for local body elections this year in October.

Guest speakers, NZ Politician Nick Leggett and Political Public Relations Advisor Jacinda Thorn, will be speaking on what takes to run a successful political campaign, as well as how to support your preferred candidate.

Political Public Relations Advisor, Jacinda Thorn says: "If you're standing for Council, it's really important to get the basics right and understand the people you are trying to reach, especially if you're a first-time candidate.

Recent election survey results conducted by the Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce to its members reported an overwhelming belief in insufficient business representation around the Council table and underrepresentation of the addressing of key issues that are of high importance to the business community.

"Our recent survey of local businesses shows a significant gap between business and Council on what the key issues and priorities are for Kapiti. We believe more business representation in council will bring about stronger and more beneficial change to our community," says Liz Koh, Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce Chair.

The Kapiti Chamber will present the results of their election survey at the 13 July 'Bring about Change' event and invite comments on their proposed Election Manifesto. The manifesto addresses the needs of the business community in the next term and is the Chamber's hopes that it will be adopted by council.

For more information on the survey results and to register for the "Bring about Change" event visit:

'Bring About Change' Event with Guest Political Speakers

Date: Wednesday 13 July
Time: 5.30pm to 7pm
Venue: Kapiti Coast Council Chamber, Rimu Road, Paraparaumu
Members & Non members FREE

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