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Council loses in court - again
June 2016

I have just obtained the CCTV footage of my supposedly "approaching staff" when I accompanied my wife Kathy a few weeks ago for her to get a form from council on rates.
I accompanied her because of the bellicose nature of a couple of staff members and most councillors and as it is now well known that council does not have a zero harm environment.

This resulted in my being served a second summons by police several days later. When I appeared in court on two charges of trespass I was handed the council complaint by the police prosecutor. This was made out by someone called Gardner, who is not known to me. He states that I approached staff and breached a trespass notice. The implication is that I acted in a threatening manner (in accord with the Holborow et al hallucinations).

This is another lie. The CCTV footage shows that while Kathy went to the counter to get the form, I walked over to a table by the entrance and picked up some pamphlets on the district plan. I stood reading them. Someone came out and started berating me. I explained I was just waiting for Kathy and would leave as soon as she had the form. I walked over to the chairs and sat down and read the pamphlets. .

While this was going on, all within a few minutes , the staff can be seen on the footage at what looks like evacuating into the back rooms, as they though they were following a prescribed emergency procedure, while one woman remained at the counter phoning, presumably, the police.

I ensured that I did not 'approach staff'. Looking at the footage, it seems to me that staff have been instructed that I am a dangerous man, in keeping with the Holborow charade, and that they evacuate the area should I enter. This is very, very sick, and without any
justification. I am in fact being criminalised and made out to be a pariah.

Again I have been lied about, this time in a court document. The judge dismissed the case, although the police wanted to go ahead. I did not, again, have any opportunity to explain the lies and antics of council.

An image of me is being built up by Dougherty et al of my being a dangerous person, and such statements are with the police.

The lower echelons of this council are obviously being misdirected by others more senior.

Dr Kerry Bolton

Kerry Bolton (added 211 weeks ago)
To be precise, I should say that the matter was not ‘dismissed’, but was ‘discharged without conviction.’ In response Tim Power has emailed councillors, community board chairs and staff claiming that police told him I must have changed my plea to guilty to get a discharge without conviction. I stated clearly at court that I will never accept the trespass notice as legitimate, regardless of what is stated by court, police and council. Discharge without conviction was insisted on by the judge, who stated that this is a matter between council and myself. Mr Power also claims that council had no role in preparing the police summary of facts. If not, then that presumably means police contrived the false scenario of my approaching staff at the service desk. This means that Mr Power is implying the police have lied; not council.
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