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May Letters
Who is our head of state?
1 May
The introduction of Keith Locke's Head of State Referenda Bill to Parliament on April 21 was a farce, with the National Party whipping its members, many of whom are republicans, to vote against it. All the hoary old arguments and false fears were raised, including Maor... More...

Looking at the big picture
Council's Strategic Land Purchase Fund proposal is wider than simply land that is required for Parks and Reserves. There are restrictions on the ability to have developers contribute as a part of their activities and Brian can be assured Council has always used that ave... More...

Ngāti Pākehā and the macron issue
I have copied this email to Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (The Māori Language Commission) to ensure any inadvertent misinterpretation of Māori language that I may have made can be corrected. No response from them will be construed that they concur with my... More...

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