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Kapiti Chamber of Commerce
19 May
The Kapiti Chamber of Commerce supports in principle the raising of the $70,000 to fund a full business case as the first stage of the Whale Song idea. "On the face of it, it's a very exciting idea" says Chairperson Mark Ternent "and even though Kapiti has many other major projects currently planned or in progress, it d... More...

Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce underlines importance of economic health to Kapiti's future
From Mark Ternent
The Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce today made a short but significant submission to the KCDC on the scope of the forthcoming District Plan review. Chamber Chair Mark Ternent concludes in the submission that, "It is time that the importance of economic health and ... More...

Kapiti Chamber makes water submission
The Kapiti coast Chamber of Commerce welcomes the opportunity to make a contribution to the Water Project. It strongly s... More...

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