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Creative Writing

Nuki Takao is Kapiti Islandís 2010 resident writer
29 August
Kapiti Island's Kaitiaki o Kapiti Trust has announced writer Nuki Takao will be Kapiti Island's resident writer this year. The 'Tau mai e Kapiti' Māori Writers' Residency 2010, funded by Te Waka Toi/Creative New Zealand and hosted by Kaitiaki o Kapiti Trust, offers a grant and allows an up-and-coming Mā... More...

A short story by Joseph Englert
Nobodyís Problem
The man sat huddled in the corner of the doorstep which had once served as the entrance to a large industrial car tyre factory. The now derelict building provided little protection against the fierce winter winds that pounded against its corrugated iron walls and the f... More...

A short story by Emma Lawry
As I stared into the dirty, mottled grey, the sound of their voices echoed back and forth inside my head, like their voices were ping-pong balls and my mind was the playing table. It was no use. The floor was proving to be a poor distraction from my dark urges. The t... More...

A short story by Chloe Dunseath
The Visitor
I stared out my third storey window, dreading the upcoming event while I watched her sleek emerald jaguar pull into our narrow drive, another visit another change. The abrupt 'ring' of our door bell reinforced the situation ahead, "She's here", I contemplated to myself.... More...

A short story by Alex Focas
Jack be Swift
Jack Taylor was not an educated man, nor was he a sporty or a creative man. So it was lucky that Jack's profession did not require any of those skills. However it did require practised technique such as the ability to oscillate an axe, administer a kill and make the cro... More...

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