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Who knew Pigs Flu
5 September - By Fay Clayton
Swine flu! News of it pops up everywhere. Why, only last week a friend of ours from Raumati rang to say she would not be coming to Sunday lunch as one in her family was thought to have this flu. We postponed the lunch date; the family member was declared not to have swine flu - and all returned to normal. Why do we ... More...

Daffodil Day on the Coast
28 August - By Fay Clayton
Daffodils! They're everywhere! For this is Daffodil Day! The idea of using this flower to raise money for the Cancer Society was brought back from Atlanta in 1989. This year is the 20th Anniversary. All moneys raised are used to help the sufferers of cancer and to fund ... More...

The story of 'Book'
26 August - By Fay Clayton
Paraparaumu has just celebrated Love Your Library Day. With the staff wearing hats and dressing in pink or red, it was i... More...

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