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Z Health Studio

Address: 31 Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu

Phone: 021 131 5510

About Z Health Studio

Offering high quality group exercise classes specializing in Yoga, Pilates,Swiss Ball, Energize and more in the heart of the Kapiti Coast.

I have over twenty years of teaching experience including formal qualification in Exercise to Music, Step, Swiss Ball, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates and more. With a background in modern contemporary dance and a passion for health and fitness, I have the energy to motivate and inspire all who join me on the journey towards well-being.

As a spiritual healer I use intuitive guidance to bring balance and support to all my clients. I see so much of what is going on with the body as a reflection of our thoughts and emotions. My gentle, kind and positive approach to teaching is designed to build confidence and alleviate stress along the way, helping you improve and heal your overall health.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is recognising that we need help but once you reach out and ask, then you will receive. I can assist you on your journey through gentle movements, conscious breathing and mindfulness.

My objective is to help everyone regardless of their age or ability to attain their full potential. I will help you to move freely, without pain or discomfort, and to realign your mind, body and soul. I hope to help everyone by revealing their strong, healthy, positive, and confident selves.

Zuri Brudenell, Owner and Manager of Z Health Studio