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Soprano Ristorante


Phone: 04 29 888 92


Open from 6pm til late
Monday - Saturday
Closed Sundays
& Public Holidays

Location: Copperfields Complex, 7 Seaview Road, Paraparaumu Beach

Our Story

Soprano Ristorante is owned and operated by Annemarie Tiffen and her husband Corrado Ronchetti. Soprano Ristorante has been operating on the Kapiti Coast for over 10 years now. Corrado has had a long association with the hospitality industry since his arrival from Naples, Italy 1977. He began with pizza shops in Newtown, through to the BNZ underground when it first opened. Corrado has owned numerous successful restaurants over the years with his wife Annemarie Tiffen.

Head Chef Josh Knox and Manager Aimee Knox have returned from their European travels. Together they have travelled to enhance their hospitality knowledge and they bring home their wonderful professionalism and international experience. Come in to chat with Josh and Aimee about their experiences and acquaint yourself to their winning combination. Josh & Aimee are a very experienced management team.

Along with the restaurant business Corrado opened a company producing an authentic Italian liqueur, Soprano Limoncello which he hand made from pure alcohol, natural spring water and fresh zest of lemon. Corrado sold the company in 2013 but still serves this Limoncello in the restaurant.