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SHARE Kapiti

Tracey Jones
Insurance & ACC Specialist
027 4806 725
04 298 6755

Niel Thomson
Mortgage Broker
027 4773 545
04 298 2413

Carly Bowers
Mortgage Broker
027 246 9939
04 298 2413

What is SHARE Kapiti's point of difference?

Everyone asks us what our 'point of difference' is and the answer is simple and twofold. We never charge a fee for our service and each of our Registered Financial Advisors truly specialises in what they do.

What do we mean by this? Next time someone offers you a 'no fee' service just check the small print. You may find that if they have sourced a mortgage approval for you, but you opt to go elsewhere then there could be a fee involved! Not with SHARE Kapiti. The banks and insurance companies pay us a commission and this is not passed on to you.

Dealing with an advisor who is a specialist:

SHARE Kapiti's specialists are precisely that... Specialists! Mortgage advice and insurance advice require entirely different knowledge and skills so you'll be dealing with an adviser who knows exactly what they're talking about. Our mortgage advisers do not dabble in insurance and vice versa, so the quality of our advice can be assured at all times.