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LED Zero

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My Eco was created in 2016 by its founder, Lawrence Grant. Originally appointed as the Distributor of Ecobulb LED, we soon found there were other opportunities to bring other attractive solutions directly to consumers in their home and place of business.

The core of our business is Direct to Consumer, whereby we bring solutions direct to you, enabling us to tailor make and demonstrate solutions that are right for your home or business. Through a nationwide team of dedicated Consultants we are able to deliver specialised knowledge on the products we promote and give you uninterrupted attention, whilst meeting with you in your home or business. This approach also provides the opportunity to have the products demonstrated in your own environment.

What are the Solutions on offer?

My Eco rose from its appointment as a Distributor of Ecobulb LED lighting but quickly identified that there were other products that could offer some or all of the benefits of LED lighting.

The four dots in our logo represent the four cornerstones of our range. Every product in our range must be able to deliver at least one of these core benefits to our customers.

1. Economic - provides savings

2. Safe - directly or indirectly improves safety

3. Convenient - reduces effort

4. Peace of Mind - one less thing to worry about

Unlike most retailers or sales organisations, we believe in 'one person, one product'. Each of our Consultants is trained in one product only and is a specialist in that product. We believe this is the best way we can deliver you the best solution for your needs.

All our solutions are designed as complete end to end solutions that do not require you, our customer, to have to engage anyone else in the process. We assess your needs, recommend a solution, process the order, provide any financing requirements, install the products and provide ongoing guarantees without you having to leave home or your business.

Why My Eco?

Having observed a large number of franchise businesses cause customers a lot of stress over the years, we still wanted the ability to grow that a franchise model offers but without the risk to our customers.

At My Eco, all financial transaction are always with us and not the Consultant. This way you have peace of mind that should one of our Consultants leave us, your guarantees and after sales service will be assured.

We invite you to browse our products page to see what solutions we have on offer for your home and business. A no obligation assessment is only a phone call away 027 4570103