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IDS - Independent Drug Screening

Ann Middleton

0274 933003

Residential Screening

Fast and Accurate Methamphetamine Screening Results to Protect Your Investment and Family

We provide methamphetamine screening for residential properties. We work with home buyers and investors to give people peace of mind that their property is safe to occupy, and free of contaminants from the use or manufacture of 'P'

It was initially thought that contamination was only caused by manufacture. A high percentage of properties tested show high levels of contamination that is due to use of Methamphetamine, rather than manufacture.

We can provide instant results on whether a property is safe according to New Zealand Guidelines. Our team are qualified and independent, and use only the most accurate testing methodologies to give you results on a room-by-room basis. We focus on giving the most accurate result possible. Our teams are located throughout the country.

Affordable Drug Screening options for human and property testing

We focus on testing and offer experienced based advice on any steps moving forward. We specialise in the detection of Methamphetamine Contamination in both residential drug screening and commercial drug screening settings. Our team are qualified to perform 'Presumptive Testing' in these environments, and our testing methodology gives fast and accurate results. We work to Ministry of Health Guidelines, and follow industry best practice.

We also have experts focussed on workplace drug screening, providing efficient and accurate testing for employees in varying industries.

We value our independence - and utilise the most advanced testing methodologies available. We focus strictly on testing, and offer no additional services - and we believe that sets us apart.