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Framework Gallery

17 Maclean Street (next to Harveys Real Estate)
​ Paraparaumu Beach

P 04 902 5626
M 021 222 2292

Here at Framework Gallery we are a family business that is passionate about framing.

Dean, Vendulka, Adelka & Karina are the driving forces behind the business with each bringing a unique set of skills to the team. The foundation upon which the business exists was formed when Dean and Vendulka met upon a residential street in Prague. Some years later the partnership was formalised in a ceremony held on a crisp, European winter day within the walls of Brevnovsky Klaster. The younger members of the team (Adelka & Karina) have been introduced into the Framework family during subsequent years.

Dean is often found within the back of the premises as the building of client framing tasks is his main role. He is a perfectionist that crafts for his clients the quality he would expect if the roles had been reversed. Creating family heirlooms from memorabilia of any type brings him tremendous enjoyment as does his other passion, fishing. With a European flair for arts, design, colour and culture it is probable you will meet Vendulka on the front desk. She enjoys meeting clients & spending the time they require to find the desired framing combination. She assists in identifying and designing the most visually appealing solution for the work at hand.

Last, but far from least, are Adelka & Karina. They are critical members of the team that motivate Dean & Vendulka to be the best they can be within the framing industry. You may meet either Adelka or Karina outside of school hours, they will be diligently working on some game of choice on the Framework PC. Drop in to Maclean Street at any time to meet the team. We are friendly and welcome any framing task.