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Captured By Friday

Joanna Piatek
021-0222 8187

About Joanna Piatek

Based in Kapiti, Joanna is an all-rounder photographer. She brings her high end gear and equipment with her to suit the occasion, whether it is a boxing match, wedding or beautiful scenery.

"The key for me, is the ability to see what it is that the customer sees or wants and to capture that on their behalf and add my skill and touch to the imagery."

Joanna was born in Sweden and lived there until she came to New Zealand where she has settled.


Joanna has the ability to catch that moment, that product, that person at a given special moment.

She is a photo journalist with the ability to tell the story. This is what portraiture and weddings, as well as events, are all about!

For marketing purposes the story draws the people back to or into the event or occasion.

There is no exaggeration in the old saying "A picture speaks a thousand words."