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Ascension Dynamics

M: 027 280 0687
T: 04 905 1500

Ascension Dynamics is a catalyst for PEACE, Power and Purpose.

Ascension Hypnotherapy is designed to reframe at root level those annoying thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and patterns that block progress in everyday life; and inspire mindful, enlightened, empowered, healthy, joyful and purposeful living.

'Ascension self-Hypnosis' puts you back in command of your life.

Ascension Dynamics can show you how to practice simple techniques to empower you in any avenue of your life including your health, study, relationships, performance and career.

It's a given that the majority of us will experience something in life that we want changed, in order to achieve complete happiness with mind, body, emotion and spirit.

What is hypnosis

Hypnosis is a completely natural state, which you enter many times every day - you are frequently experiencing hypnosis!

Watching TV, playing computer games, daydreaming and driving over familiar roads or long distances are some forms of naturally occurring hypnosis.

Increasingly, medical and scientific establishments are researching and acknowledging the connection between mind and body, and recognising hypnotherapy as a valuable health and therapeutic tool.

What does hypnosis feel like

Since hypnosis is a natural state of mind, clients are often surprised that they can hear what is said to them. You may not feel any different to when you are day dreaming or relaxing at home. Usually the overall effect is one of great relaxation - a wonderful break from the stress filled world.

What is hypnotherapy

Simply put, hypnotherapy is appropriate therapy or suggestions, provided to you while you are experiencing a state of hypnosis. These positive suggestions have a very therapeutic effect on the mind and body, for release of problems and self improvement.