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Action Property Services

Mr Glenn Clover
Action Property Services
9 Parata Street

Action Property Services Ltd.
Servicing the Kapiti Coast
and greater Wellington region.

Phone: 0800 487 349
Direct Number 0275 619 104

Pest Control:

You don't have to put up with pests bothering you or damaging your home or workplace any longer! Call me and your pest problem will be gone. Our qualified technicians will choose a system of pest control that is safe for pets and people and very effective.

Experience counts!

House Washing & Water Blasting:

Moss, Lichen and dirt build-up can bring down the appearance of your house and paths, not to mention shorten the life of your paint finishes.

We can clean or water blast these areas of your home, workshop or any building and leave them looking great - all without damaging your paint.