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tel: 04 2971007
mob: 021 022754 74

About Jaki Marston

I am the founder of AIVA. My background is in HR having spent 10 years in Personnel covering recruitment and internal communications, including the design of a company intranet. I hold a Diploma in Career Guidance as well as a Masters degree in Social Work from Bristol University, England.I have been working on this business, AIVA, since 2008.

I am registered with NZCER at Level C in using Psychometric Testing which includes using Personality Assessments.

I can help you with all stages of career guidance from; how best to present a c.v., interviewing skills right through to the all important matching your values, skills, interests etc. (AIVA) with the right role for you.

I also draw on many theories and interventions (e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Career progression theories, counselling theories and practise, psychodynamic counselling and social psychology to name a few) when helping clients in Life and career coaching as I believe not one theory or intervention fits all.

From my own experience, knowing about who you are and being positive about yourself will lead you to better opportunities.

What is AIVA?

AIVA is an acronym that I use because it encapsulates the parts in each of us that make us unique. I use it as the 'jumping off' point for:

Careers guidance /counselling,

Personal Development

Life Coaching.